Inception and Cats

Why all the hype? Why all the confusion? Inception is a movie about dreams within dreams within dreams with a lot of special effects thrown in for extra summer blockbusteriness.

I’m just surprised that the fans and critics have overlooked a major influence and subplot: cats.

Consider the following thoughts, which came to me in a dream:

1. Let’s assume writer/director Christopher Nolan has a cat that sleeps on  his head and implants and extracts ideas from his mind during sleep. The story wasn’t really his idea then, his cat planted the idea in his mind while he was asleep. And even though it took Nolan 10 years to write the screenplay, it only took 10 minutes for his cat to plant the idea in his mind.

2. The characters have dumb names: Dom, Mal, Ariadne? Probably the names of some of the neighborhood cats and further proof that this plotline was a cat’s idea.

3. The dialogue consisted of characters explaining what you’re supposed to “get” about the plot. I call that condescending and believe it also demonstrates the way cats act toward people all the time.

4. Marion Cotillard plays an annoying, crazy bitch of a wife – alive or dead.  I believe her character is symbolic of both people who dislike cats and cats who dislike people.

5. Cats sleep all the time. “To sleep perchance to dream.” So who better than a cat to write a screenplay about dreaming?

6. There was a cat in one of the scenes.

7. Ocean waves were crashing on the shore in several scenes. There are fish in the ocean. Cats like fish. There is sand at the beach. Cats like to shit in sand.

8. Cats have 9 lives. So did most of the major characters.

9. Architects. Cats often build things.

10. Leo playing with the spinning top is reminiscent of a cat playing with a toy.

11. There was a lot of broken glass in this movie. Sometimes cats break things. Sometimes the things they break are made of glass.

12. This movie left a bad taste in my mouth. Cats have bad breath.

13. The kick which is used to bring dreamers back to reality is a commentary on animal abuse. Subliminal, but I picked up on it.

Find my thinking far-fetched? That’s just your subconcious mounting an attack.


2 Responses to “Inception and Cats”

  1. tracifoust Says:

    I love this!!! Now I have something to keep in mind…something, real that is (instead of hype) when I see the film.

  2. Jlaben Says:

    Ummm, I think that your synopsis is a bit of a stretch, my dear….

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