Lower the bar, higherarchy

Sometimes when I’m skimming other people’s blogs I see wishlists like this:

Things to do this summer

1. Travel Route 66

2. Have a watermelon seed fight

3. Eat a popsicle at top of  the Berry Street Park slide

4. Take 50 pictures of 50 year olds

5. Make tent with sheet and dining room table

6. Join art co-op

I am a different sort of person. I have no list. Why set myself up for failure?

I prefer to let my list self-create.  When a pleasant or quirky thing happens, it goes to the top of my list, (I prefer queue)  and is immediately crossed off. In this manner I avoid the disappointment and  feelings of inadequacy that an unfulfilled wishlist might produce.

This morning for example, I scared the pants off myself – quite an accomplishment, and something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Now it’s on the list and it’s  already crossed off.

See, I was getting ready for work around 6 am, and I heard a woman’s voice whisper “Mary.” I screamed, “What?! What the …!”

Knowing no one was in the house but me, I was all astonishment. In fact I’ll go all Jeannie Ralston and say I jumped out of my skin, was shaking like a leaf, frozen with fear, struck dumb, and as white as a ghost. And all of this before the sun had even risen “like a  sliver of near-neon orange that was spreading out on the horizon like a just-split egg yolk.”

A life, any life, holds such promise for self-creating lists of  inconsequential greatness.

self-created list of inconsequential greatness

1. Scare the shit out of myself


One Response to “Lower the bar, higherarchy”

  1. Chris Says:

    I think you secretly adore Jeannie. Funny, I just drove through Blanco the other day and thought of her–thanks so much for introducing her into my subconscious.

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