3 Part tale

Part I

In a moment of inertia I went on one of those dating websites – the one that has a 40 page questionnaire and costs a lot of money.  It’s free to complete the scientific profile and find out who your matches are. In the process you may learn something about yourself. I love to learn.

Part II

Apparently I am matchable with only 3 people in the entire state.

Match#1 in response to things he can’t live without:

  • sex
  • honesty
  • an attractive women
  • a great relationship with a women
  • sex
You know what I can’t live without? A great relationship with a men who can write. And grilled cheese sandwiches.
Match #2 was a Promise Keeper and mentioned that he only tolerates cats. That’s not very promising to my way of thinking.
Match #3 was going on and on about his daughter, so he should probably just date her.
Other matches are scattered about the country having colonoscopies and collecting social security. According to the scientific method I am very compatible with the 64-68 year olds, even though I am only 51.
Part III
The results of my questionnaire are called my profile. My profile says I’m a cross between Eleanor Dashwood and a Vulcan.
  • Fair
  • Considered
  • Collaborative
  • Calm
  • Sensible
  • Diplomatic
  • Contemplative
  • Indulgent
  • Rational
  • Thoughtful
  • Restrained
  • Reserved
  • Careful
Your social encounters balance out the side of you that likes your own company and having enough time to think and reflect.
But you do find that life has a better rhythm for you when there is enough quiet time to deliberate on your own so that you
are refreshed for your next encounter with friends and colleagues.

You are accepting of others, flexible in your own intellectual commitments, well-informed in areas that matter to you, and comfortably aware of who you are and where you stand. This combination will make you a desirable companion on the intellectual journey for many, many people.

Wait there’s more…

You say what you believe, live by what you say, and are as consistent as the sunrise. This clarity will make you easy to be with for those who are comfortable with an orderly, somewhat predictable world.

There are a lot more adjectives but by this point I get it. I learned that I am a perfect match for my cats. They like predictability. They like emotional stability and share my respect for personal boundaries. We are on a jurnee. We will continue to date – my cats and I. And one day they might even pick up the check.


2 Responses to “3 Part tale”

  1. Jeff L Says:

    So, from what I can surmise, you are into a feline menage a trois?

    Can’t understand how you can’t find a perfect match with those credentials…

    Hope I spelled everything correctly.

    • mcmisura Says:

      Let me take this opportunity to turn your comment into a Seinfeld reference: “I’d drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.”

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