Welcome to Suck Version 9.3.9

Taken from user’s manual: There are a number of ways to edit transactions in Suck. The simplest and most direct is to delete the errant transaction and re-enter the transaction(s) with the correct information. We recommend that you edit transactions by deleting the errant transaction and re-entering the transactions with the correct information. This is the only completely safe way to edit transactions in Suck and in most cases will be the fastest.

And you may ask yourself, in what world is deleting a transaction and re-entering it faster than fixing a typo? In the world where Suck Version 9.3.9 is the benchmark in fiduciary accounting.

“Letting the days go by….Same as it ever was… Time is an asterisk.”



One Response to “Welcome to Suck Version 9.3.9”

  1. Jlaben Says:

    My God…how did I get here?

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