I had this notion that I could pencil in the proper lines to somehow make a traditional egg, with bands that would cross diagonally.

a work in progress

When I couldn’t get the two sides even, I decided to make faces. One side was to be a girl and the other side a boy. A sort of Romeo & Juliet egg.

Juliet isn’t young and pretty enough.

Romeo is too pretty and in fact looks a bit feminine.

Both of them have some eyebrow/eye/lip issues.

You know how people always talk about every damn thing they do as being a journey? They decorate their living room and it’s a journey or they learn yoga and it’s a journey? For the record, I will never say that. Nothing I do is a journey. It’s more like a blender or a  waffle iron. Sometimes it’s noisy and things get mixed up. And sometimes things stick but you if you fiddle enough you make it turn out OK. Definitely not a journey.




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