Don’t believe …

ImageDon’t believe what you read #`127.

Duck eggs are fun. At least this one was. I read somewhere that duck eggs are challenging and the dyes don’t always take well.

I decided to meander and let whimsy take over. Why spend agonizing hours making straight lines if the shell might be defective? But the dye actually took very well and I ended up with a color explosion.

I’m calling this Snowbirds, in keeping with my bird obsession. I dedicate it to all of the non-snowbirds who put up with those who converge on our little community every winter and say things like “That’s not how we do it in Michigan.” Um, no one cares.

Notice the bird that looks a little like a woodpecker. I saw a pileated woodpecker yesterday. I heard him call first and thought it was a hawk. Then I saw the unmistakable Woody Woodpecker cowlick and watched as be bashed his beak against the pine tree. Little bits of bark were flying everywhere. Why work so hard bashing your beak against a tree trunk for a few bugs when there are bugs all over the ground?

He’s obviously a Republican waging yet another ideological battle. This time trees are the target because they don’t know what’s best for their own trunks. This pine tree is a hussy,letting bugs use her trunk for sick, perverted purposes, then expecting the Nature Conservancy to bail her out when she gets a disease…

Wait, where was I?


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