I revel on a daily basis when I have a supply of stroopies.

The proper name is stroopwafels of course, but I gave them a nickname because I’m so fond of them. How can you not be fond of a tasty treat that rests over the hot beverage in your cup until it melts into just the right amount of waffley textured deliciousness?

I was so excited to take this picture that I spilled coffee all over the counter. See the drips on the handle? True story.

Now settle in and get cozy for I’m going to read you a beautiful bit of poetry to commemorate National Poetry Month.

Roboter Stroopwafels. 10 stuks

Ingredienten: Tarwebloem,

30% stroopvullin, suiker, 3.5% boterconcentraat,

Suikerstroop, lupiennmeel!

12% boterconcentraat

glucose-fructoses stroop, suiker, ei

lupinenmeel, zout, rijsmiddelen, kaneel.

Bevat tarwe, gluten, ei, soja, lupine

melkeiwit, lactose, kaneel.




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