Pretty bird. Wheet!


Check out this little guy. My cousin made the cardinal out of sculpy clay because she’s cool that way, and sent it to me because she’s cool that way.

I had a hard time trying to decide how to decorate the egg for this fellow – he’s so darn cute on his own. So in the end I just went with a plain red & white egg in my favorite star-crossed lovers pattern. Damn I really love making those little stars/crosses. It’s kind of trance inducing. And as long as I don’t lose focus they all line up perfectly orderly.

Three cheers for orderliness and repetition – and repetition.

And a gold star to me for having the pretentiousness to call a series of diagonal lines and x’s a pattern.

I think  the little cardinal who has been singing his own praises in my backyard lately might approve.



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