A Chemical Romance


This is one of my first attempts using The Works to etch an egg. It’s fun! I started with a brown egg and when done with all my lines and dyeing, I put the egg in a little tub filled with  The Works and rolled it around for 10 seconds. I’m a little wary of working with chemicals that have have crazy warning labels on the bottle. I’m also a little wary of going to Walmart, which is the only place that seems to carry The Works around here.

The chemicals  removed the original eggshell color (the brown in the border) leaving a lighter cream color. I wiped the residue off the egg carefully and scrubbed the little bits with a soft baby toothbrush to clean it up. It is not a heavy etch with a lot of texture but I rather like the pottery-like look it gives the egg.

I kind of jokingly refer to this as Pocahontas Jesus because, well, it looks a little like Pocahontas. whatevs.

I’m off to rustle up some marshmallow peeps. Happy Easter! Happy Spring!



One Response to “A Chemical Romance”

  1. Jeffy Says:

    Why am I the only person that leaves comments? I’m uncomfortable with this.

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