…busy feathering my nest and being Springy.

In preparation for breaking up with the bedroom carpeting I weeded out a bunch of stuff and made multiple trips to the library, Humane Society Thrift Store and Goodwill. I just couldn’t work up the energy to have a garage sale. It’s so much work and so much easier to donate stuff.

Although I loved my cheery yellow bedroom I wanted a change. This time around  I painted my bedroom a lovely soft greenish-greyish-blue (Valspar Belle Grove Valley Fog). It was nice not to have to coordinate the wall color with the now faded blue carpeting.

Around this same time my daughter was moving into her first apartment – or at least the first one she is renting alone, without itinerant, filthy roommates. I planned a day off  for an Ikea Adventure which quickly turned into 2 days off because how can you buy all of Ikea in 1 day? And who cares about work? Not me.

Day 1 of the install, the crew of 2 arrived, the cats bolted,  and furniture was piling up  in my bathroom before I’d had a chance to gather what I’d need for the Great Ikea Adventure. I grabbed a couple of tshirts, and my toothbrush and took off for Winter Park. I admired the apartment then we snacked on chocolate croissants and coffee.

Ikea! I know everyone else has been shopping at Ikea and eating the meatballs for like 15 years, but what can I say? I live in that part of Florida with those kinds of people – the ones who shop at Beall’s Outlet and Rugs As Art. There are only 3 Ikeas in all of Florida, which is part of the allure.

I actually got a scratchy throat from oohing and aahing over everything. I know it’s geared toward young people who don’t have a lot of money. Well I fit that description except for the young part.  I’ve always liked doing things like shoving my furniture around and painting rooms and hanging things on the walls and just attempting to make life prettier.

We bought a bunch of stuff and then bought some more. All the stuff I should have had when I was a newlywed in my first apartment but didn’t because I had the hand me down gold fake french provincial chairs and the refrigerator with rooster decals on the front. What? Yeah. That’s another story.

We carried boxes – the ones that would fit in my car that is. Some things had to be delivered. We assembled chairs and a table and a dresser.We MacGyvered something that wasn’t quite right. We hammered and allen wrenched.  We made nouns into verbs. I bought a few things for my home too, and woke up early the next day to assemble the POÄNG chair I’m sitting in right now.

In other news, my cats have intentionally been pooping on the new floors. Guess they aren’t impressed with my eye for design.


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