zelda cool

I dreamed about you the other night. I heard you meowing. You always were a great conversationalist. In my dream, I went to the kitchen and there you were, standing on the tile floor looking tiny and peevish. I picked you up and cuddled you and buried my face in your fur. I could smell you and feel the silkiness even in my dream. I woke up happy that I’d dreamed of you and sad that it was only a dream.

This afteroon I went out to get the mail  and I kind of looked for you when I came back into the house. Old habits and I guess I wasn’t really thinking. It’s just that you were always waiting at the door for me, even if I only went out for a minute.

I miss you when I change my sheets. One of your favorite games was to race under the sheet and start kicking and spitting while I was trying to tuck it in. You were so tough, so feisty and yet such a fraidy cat around strangers.

I’ve been baking. Today I made key lime muffins. There’s no butter in them, but I think you liked to lick the crumbs anyway. Silly kitty and her sweet tooth.

You were my stalker. You always made me feel loved.

My dee. I miss you.





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