Lily My One and Only


Look at those eyes! Oh Lily.

Tomorrow will be 2 months since we said goodbye. We miss you every day – your silly ways and your loud, steady purr.

You were in the shelter for four months before we adopted you. Animal Control picked you up right here in town and at the shelter they named you after the street you were found on, Jordan. The description they had written about you said “I’m not pretty but…” No accounting for some peoples’ taste because you were a beauty both inside and out. Everyone loved you because you loved everyone.

The volunteer that pointed you out to us said you were a really, really sweet cat. So I picked you up out of the cage and you put your paws around my neck and in that  moment I fell in love with you.

So much character, so much charm. The poop horn, the little following game you played with Zelda when I was getting your food, the higgledy piddledy way you ran, your many and varied nap spots and always the purrrrrrr. Your purr was the remedy for many lousy things that happened over 13 years.

Love you and miss you Lulubell.


2 Responses to “Lily My One and Only”

  1. Jeffy Says:

    I never met Lily but I will miss her with you. But are you sure that you spelled her name correctly?

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