But what about the rum?

Capt. John and I

This is Capt. John Sparrow and me at the Ringling Medieval Faire. I’m trying to act casual, like I hang out with guys dressed like pirates all the time. (By the way, I liked pirates and Johnny Depp before the movie, when he was in Gilbert Grape and Edward Scissorhands.)

When I was a kid, there was a treasure chest filled with gold foil covered chocolate coins in the Sears Christmas catalog. I had this thing for little boxes and keys and secret stuff and I wanted that treasure chest. And of course I didn’t get it.

So I dug in my sandbox and collected pretty rocks and fossils and birdsnests instead.

I’m thinking there’s a crappy plastic treasure chest out there with my name on it and some pirate’s looking for me.


One Response to “But what about the rum?”

  1. whatpushesmybuttons Says:

    Ha…yes…a treasure chest of “gelt” (the jewish version of the chocolate coins). Leave it to Sears to put them in a treasure chest and leave it to the jewish chocolate coin makers to put them in cheap mesh bags. I feel so deprived now. I’d much rather have the treasure chest.

    Actually I used to have these mineral laced rocks…i guess granite rocks behind my house growing up. I used to think they were actually worth something, until i realized they were useless granite. So disappointing was that day…but glad to know i wasn’t the only one hunting for rocks out there 😉

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