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Lily My One and Only

February 8, 2014


Look at those eyes! Oh Lily.

Tomorrow will be 2 months since we said goodbye. We miss you every day – your silly ways and your loud, steady purr.

You were in the shelter for four months before we adopted you. Animal Control picked you up right here in town and at the shelter they named you after the street you were found on, Jordan. The description they had written about you said “I’m not pretty but…” No accounting for some peoples’ taste because you were a beauty both inside and out. Everyone loved you because you loved everyone.

The volunteer that pointed you out to us said you were a really, really sweet cat. So I picked you up out of the cage and you put your paws around my neck and in that  moment I fell in love with you.

So much character, so much charm. The poop horn, the little following game you played with Zelda when I was getting your food, the higgledy piddledy way you ran, your many and varied nap spots and always the purrrrrrr. Your purr was the remedy for many lousy things that happened over 13 years.

Love you and miss you Lulubell.



September 14, 2013

zelda cool

I dreamed about you the other night. I heard you meowing. You always were a great conversationalist. In my dream, I went to the kitchen and there you were, standing on the tile floor looking tiny and peevish. I picked you up and cuddled you and buried my face in your fur. I could smell you and feel the silkiness even in my dream. I woke up happy that I’d dreamed of you and sad that it was only a dream.

This afteroon I went out to get the mail  and I kind of looked for you when I came back into the house. Old habits and I guess I wasn’t really thinking. It’s just that you were always waiting at the door for me, even if I only went out for a minute.

I miss you when I change my sheets. One of your favorite games was to race under the sheet and start kicking and spitting while I was trying to tuck it in. You were so tough, so feisty and yet such a fraidy cat around strangers.

I’ve been baking. Today I made key lime muffins. There’s no butter in them, but I think you liked to lick the crumbs anyway. Silly kitty and her sweet tooth.

You were my stalker. You always made me feel loved.

My dee. I miss you.





June 2, 2013


…busy feathering my nest and being Springy.

In preparation for breaking up with the bedroom carpeting I weeded out a bunch of stuff and made multiple trips to the library, Humane Society Thrift Store and Goodwill. I just couldn’t work up the energy to have a garage sale. It’s so much work and so much easier to donate stuff.

Although I loved my cheery yellow bedroom I wanted a change. This time around  I painted my bedroom a lovely soft greenish-greyish-blue (Valspar Belle Grove Valley Fog). It was nice not to have to coordinate the wall color with the now faded blue carpeting.

Around this same time my daughter was moving into her first apartment – or at least the first one she is renting alone, without itinerant, filthy roommates. I planned a day off  for an Ikea Adventure which quickly turned into 2 days off because how can you buy all of Ikea in 1 day? And who cares about work? Not me.

Day 1 of the install, the crew of 2 arrived, the cats bolted,  and furniture was piling up  in my bathroom before I’d had a chance to gather what I’d need for the Great Ikea Adventure. I grabbed a couple of tshirts, and my toothbrush and took off for Winter Park. I admired the apartment then we snacked on chocolate croissants and coffee.

Ikea! I know everyone else has been shopping at Ikea and eating the meatballs for like 15 years, but what can I say? I live in that part of Florida with those kinds of people – the ones who shop at Beall’s Outlet and Rugs As Art. There are only 3 Ikeas in all of Florida, which is part of the allure.

I actually got a scratchy throat from oohing and aahing over everything. I know it’s geared toward young people who don’t have a lot of money. Well I fit that description except for the young part.  I’ve always liked doing things like shoving my furniture around and painting rooms and hanging things on the walls and just attempting to make life prettier.

We bought a bunch of stuff and then bought some more. All the stuff I should have had when I was a newlywed in my first apartment but didn’t because I had the hand me down gold fake french provincial chairs and the refrigerator with rooster decals on the front. What? Yeah. That’s another story.

We carried boxes – the ones that would fit in my car that is. Some things had to be delivered. We assembled chairs and a table and a dresser.We MacGyvered something that wasn’t quite right. We hammered and allen wrenched.  We made nouns into verbs. I bought a few things for my home too, and woke up early the next day to assemble the POÄNG chair I’m sitting in right now.

In other news, my cats have intentionally been pooping on the new floors. Guess they aren’t impressed with my eye for design.

Let’s be literal

March 9, 2012

I let the cat out of the bag. Or rather, she came out when she felt like it.

Holiday decorating on a budget

December 26, 2011

Cats add an elegant quality to any room, decreasing the need for holiday decor exponentially.

3 Part tale

September 30, 2011

Part I

In a moment of inertia I went on one of those dating websites – the one that has a 40 page questionnaire and costs a lot of money.  It’s free to complete the scientific profile and find out who your matches are. In the process you may learn something about yourself. I love to learn.

Part II

Apparently I am matchable with only 3 people in the entire state.

Match#1 in response to things he can’t live without:

  • sex
  • honesty
  • an attractive women
  • a great relationship with a women
  • sex
You know what I can’t live without? A great relationship with a men who can write. And grilled cheese sandwiches.
Match #2 was a Promise Keeper and mentioned that he only tolerates cats. That’s not very promising to my way of thinking.
Match #3 was going on and on about his daughter, so he should probably just date her.
Other matches are scattered about the country having colonoscopies and collecting social security. According to the scientific method I am very compatible with the 64-68 year olds, even though I am only 51.
Part III
The results of my questionnaire are called my profile. My profile says I’m a cross between Eleanor Dashwood and a Vulcan.
  • Fair
  • Considered
  • Collaborative
  • Calm
  • Sensible
  • Diplomatic
  • Contemplative
  • Indulgent
  • Rational
  • Thoughtful
  • Restrained
  • Reserved
  • Careful
Your social encounters balance out the side of you that likes your own company and having enough time to think and reflect.
But you do find that life has a better rhythm for you when there is enough quiet time to deliberate on your own so that you
are refreshed for your next encounter with friends and colleagues.

You are accepting of others, flexible in your own intellectual commitments, well-informed in areas that matter to you, and comfortably aware of who you are and where you stand. This combination will make you a desirable companion on the intellectual journey for many, many people.

Wait there’s more…

You say what you believe, live by what you say, and are as consistent as the sunrise. This clarity will make you easy to be with for those who are comfortable with an orderly, somewhat predictable world.

There are a lot more adjectives but by this point I get it. I learned that I am a perfect match for my cats. They like predictability. They like emotional stability and share my respect for personal boundaries. We are on a jurnee. We will continue to date – my cats and I. And one day they might even pick up the check.


June 22, 2011

The vomit on your bedspread? That’s for when you took me to the vet last week and he held me down on the table and stole some of my blood.  

The poop on the carpet? That’s for when you took me to the vet last week and he groped my tummy.

The pee that missed the litter box? That’s for when you took me to the vet last week and he squeezed me and stuck a needle in my bladder.

Retaliation is cats.

Inception and Cats

July 26, 2010

Why all the hype? Why all the confusion? Inception is a movie about dreams within dreams within dreams with a lot of special effects thrown in for extra summer blockbusteriness.

I’m just surprised that the fans and critics have overlooked a major influence and subplot: cats.

Consider the following thoughts, which came to me in a dream:

1. Let’s assume writer/director Christopher Nolan has a cat that sleeps on  his head and implants and extracts ideas from his mind during sleep. The story wasn’t really his idea then, his cat planted the idea in his mind while he was asleep. And even though it took Nolan 10 years to write the screenplay, it only took 10 minutes for his cat to plant the idea in his mind.

2. The characters have dumb names: Dom, Mal, Ariadne? Probably the names of some of the neighborhood cats and further proof that this plotline was a cat’s idea.

3. The dialogue consisted of characters explaining what you’re supposed to “get” about the plot. I call that condescending and believe it also demonstrates the way cats act toward people all the time.

4. Marion Cotillard plays an annoying, crazy bitch of a wife – alive or dead.  I believe her character is symbolic of both people who dislike cats and cats who dislike people.

5. Cats sleep all the time. “To sleep perchance to dream.” So who better than a cat to write a screenplay about dreaming?

6. There was a cat in one of the scenes.

7. Ocean waves were crashing on the shore in several scenes. There are fish in the ocean. Cats like fish. There is sand at the beach. Cats like to shit in sand.

8. Cats have 9 lives. So did most of the major characters.

9. Architects. Cats often build things.

10. Leo playing with the spinning top is reminiscent of a cat playing with a toy.

11. There was a lot of broken glass in this movie. Sometimes cats break things. Sometimes the things they break are made of glass.

12. This movie left a bad taste in my mouth. Cats have bad breath.

13. The kick which is used to bring dreamers back to reality is a commentary on animal abuse. Subliminal, but I picked up on it.

Find my thinking far-fetched? That’s just your subconcious mounting an attack.