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A Chemical Romance

March 31, 2013


This is one of my first attempts using The Works to etch an egg. It’s fun! I started with a brown egg and when done with all my lines and dyeing, I put the egg in a little tub filled with  The Works and rolled it around for 10 seconds. I’m a little wary of working with chemicals that have have crazy warning labels on the bottle. I’m also a little wary of going to Walmart, which is the only place that seems to carry The Works around here.

The chemicals  removed the original eggshell color (the brown in the border) leaving a lighter cream color. I wiped the residue off the egg carefully and scrubbed the little bits with a soft baby toothbrush to clean it up. It is not a heavy etch with a lot of texture but I rather like the pottery-like look it gives the egg.

I kind of jokingly refer to this as Pocahontas Jesus because, well, it looks a little like Pocahontas. whatevs.

I’m off to rustle up some marshmallow peeps. Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


March 26, 2013


When I was little we used to go visit the relatives in Pennsylvania at Easter.  We’d always get big coconut eggs but we didn’t get our real Easter baskets until we got home.  There were usually flowers blooming in PA. It was a lot more spring-like than where we lived in upstate NY. We had Easter hats and dresses.

I knew the Easter bunny was real. Mom and Dad were with us in Pennsylvania. The door was locked and no one was home but the Easter bunny got in anyway. Because he was Magic.

I wasn’t suspicious when Dad had to go inside the house first to check to see if the bunny had come.  Childhood innocence  is a wonderful thing.

Here are two festive eggs to go along with that touching story. I had some trouble with the bunny egg. There must have been a crack or pin hole because after the first few dips in the dye it  developed little white spots. I got a tip from other Pysankers  to unplug the hole, let the egg dry out, then freeze the egg for a few minutes and quickly reseal the hole. The cold air gets trapped inside the egg and is forced out through whatever tiny crack there is keeping the dye from seeping into the egg.  Speaking of magic…Yay science! Yay Pysanky Nerds! It worked.

Pretty bird. Wheet!

March 10, 2013


Check out this little guy. My cousin made the cardinal out of sculpy clay because she’s cool that way, and sent it to me because she’s cool that way.

I had a hard time trying to decide how to decorate the egg for this fellow – he’s so darn cute on his own. So in the end I just went with a plain red & white egg in my favorite star-crossed lovers pattern. Damn I really love making those little stars/crosses. It’s kind of trance inducing. And as long as I don’t lose focus they all line up perfectly orderly.

Three cheers for orderliness and repetition – and repetition.

And a gold star to me for having the pretentiousness to call a series of diagonal lines and x’s a pattern.

I think  the little cardinal who has been singing his own praises in my backyard lately might approve.