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Mainly I dream of you a lot

April 26, 2010

It’s lunchtime and the car is hot.  I’m getting sticky and sweaty on my short drive to the bank.  My head hurts. I’m listening to Peter Gabriel singing The Power of the Heart. So sweet and tender.  The orchestra is building. Peter’s voice falters. I might cry. I think he might be singing to me. I think he might have just proposed. It starts at  5:03 – that little shiver up my back. And there it is at 5:19. Chills.  I watch beads of sweat become goosebumps.

Later at home, I try the experiment over and over and it works every time.

Lou Reed wrote the song for his wife, Laurie Anderson. I wonder if she gets goosebumps listening to Peter sing it. I wonder if Lou does.

I wonder if Peter gives himself chills when he sings.


Give yourself a pat on the back

April 5, 2010

Here’s what you’ve missed the past few days by not being me:  Opening night of Stars on Ice in Ft. Myers where Ben Agosto played the guitar, Jeremy Abbott wore a hat,  Charlie White looked like an angel and Evan Lysacek got a standing ovation. There was also a lot of great skating, some nice group numbers, banter and sparkly costumes.

You also missed mowing my lawn, pulling weeds and getting bit by fire ants.

Laundry was washed and hung out to dry. And then it was properly folded and  put away. Dishes were washed. Cats were fed. Litterboxes were scooped.

There was  dinner at the beach night which was also tone-deaf karaoke night. As fearless souls took turns belting out off key renditions of popular songs, a charming old couple danced.

Books were opened, then quickly set aside with a sigh of disappointment.

Tunes and podcasts were downloaded. Pledges of love were made to Jason Lytle as he sang to me from my ipod. Stalking was initiated.

Other things happened as well involving gaiety, merriment and marshmallow peeps.

The part where the Dear Hunter saves me from starvation only to leave me hungry

October 22, 2009
mary & casey

I should have practiced looking casual & hip

I caught the Dear Hunter and a couple of other bands that I don’t care about at the State Theater last night with my beautiful daughter.

Midnight Masses from Brooklyn opened.  My thoughts were – I have no idea what they’re singing and they’re all about the drums. Besides the drummer doing his thing, the lead vocalist and the girl-pretending-to-be-a-guitar-player took turns banging on a drum. My guess is that they are fans of  taiko drumming.

Next my beloved Dear Hunter played. Their short set was akin to giving a starving person a piece of Godiva chocolate – delicious and mouth-watering but in the end you’re  left with gnawing hunger pangs. These guys are not only creative, technically proficient musicians but also gracious and humble. There were  so many more songs I wanted to hear live – and now I’m left with Dear Hunter pangs and only my ipod to satisfy me.

Fall of Troy screamed my soul to splinters.  Kids thrashed wildly around, bouncing off each other as the singer urged everyone to have fun. I fought the urge to join them. Kidding.

Thursday was the headlining band and they were head-throbbingly loud. My head throbbed through 2 songs until I was beckoned by gorgeous daughter to merch, where I met Casey and Josh, who seemed sincerely touched that their music touches me.

Maybe I’m Just Tired

April 5, 2009

(My heavy head is full of debris  -As Tall As Lions)

Like my sick kitty, the wisdom teeth, the car mirror, locking the keys  in the car, getting my hand stuck in the shredding bin, and people who don’t help their kids.

(I know we’re all souls just trying to connect with someone – As Tall As Lions)

Dan Nigro played in bare feet and said his father owns a paper company like Dunder Mifflin, and my sick kitty is brave and full of purrs even when she’s unwell, and it’s National Poetry Month, and she made me an ATAL shirt and he gave me a Liguus fasciatus shell.

(You’re lost in your mind -As Tall As Lions)

Is anything going to happen in Agnes Grey or is she just going to go on and on about being a governess and will I ever figure out what’s going on in Little Dorit or will I just continue to watch because of Matthew MacFayden, will she get better or will she just keep losing weight, is she in pain, how much better looking can Jack get and when will Des be on again, do people really get what’s coming to them (is it wrong of me to hope they do) and what’s the plural of amaryllis?

(I stay awake thinking this life is lonely – As Tall As Lions)

Maybe that’s why I just want to sit and work on eggs, bent over the table, listening to music, getting a stiff neck. Lost.

the gloaming would be better

September 1, 2008

can’t sleep, can’t rest. exhausted by the weight of a mind racing with no destination in sight. I would like to stop and get directions. Excuse me, what is it I’m supposed to be thinking about because it’s all kind of Eschery up there and clocks are melting and birds are flying out of people’s heads?

My mind keeps chasing along like a hummingbird, never settling on any one thought or song. There’s always music bubbling up behind everything else knocking around in there.

In the wee hours when my mind finally roosts, I dream of Cosmo with amber-colored teeth, mocking me. Then I dream of walking with Howard Stern, telling him I miss him because I don’t have satellite radio, and I had listened to him off and on since 1982. He says “that’s nice”. Then we dance, a slow dance, on a rooftop. Surprisingly he isn’t all that tall.